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David Oliver Meida specialises in Jimmy Jib crane and UAV aerial operation. We have over thirty years of experience in film and television production, encompassing a wide range of production styles and camera techniques and strive to offer a first-class professional service for your project. We are based in rural Suffolk and the company operates country-wide and abroad.

Camera Jibs

Services are based around the Jimmy Triangle and Triangle Pro cranes. It is standard practice to supply an approved jib assistant with all projects. This ensures the safest and most productive operating environment. A focus puller is recommended for high definition and film projects. All personnel can be supplied.

We have considerable experience with a variety of other systems including Techno-Crane, Swiss Jib, Scanner, Polecam and remote head systems, including gyro-stabilised heads and pressure-sensitive joystick controllers.

Jibs may be hired, short or long term, for your own use while supported by one of our jib assistants. This is subject to approval so please contact us for more information.

We can also service Jimmy Jib kits. We have workshop facilities backed up with support from a local engineering company.

David Oliver Media puts safety first and has a zero-harm policy. All projects are subject to prior safety assessment. All electrical and mechanical equipment is regularly tested and certified.

Camera Jibs

Jib and UAS Facilities

Flexible & Complimentary Assets.

We can supply both facilities, providing extensive possibilities for creative shooting

Aerial Imaging

An Unmanned Aircraft System (UAV, drone etc.) captures events from a unique perspective that otherwise would be expensive, time consuming and logistically complicated. If you simply need great GVs to accompany jib work, this can be achieved economically.

UAS are ideal tools for television production and stills photography. There are many other areas of application for this rapidly advancing technology: high-resolution mapping, 3D modelling and surveying.

Flight operations are usually performed as a two-person team – aircraft pilot and assistant. In some circumstances it is possible to operate as pilot only. UAS can be flown in acceptable conditions – airspace classification and weather conditions are primary factors. All projects are assessed individually.

We are currently using the DJI Phantom 4 Pro quad-copter and are very pleased with the quality of results.

David Oliver Media is fully qualified and insured to offer UAS services for commercial purposes in the UK and all flight operations are compliant with current CAA regulations. Safety is, as always, first and foremost.

Aerial Imaging


We work with major broadcast organisations, their associated production companies, commercial productions and film units